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    Custom Mobile Application Solution

    Cross Platform App Development

    Are you looking for cross-platform app development services to grow your business? Genetech Systems mobile development team has exceptional experience in creating native apps for iOS and Android, hybrid and cross platform mobile apps using Flutter, React Native. We develop applications, also act as a full mobility consultant who sits with you to sort and smooth out your initial concept. We cover all phases of mobile application development and offer them both as stand-alone services and as elements of our full-cycle mobile app development. We create our solutions for each specific business, with a closer look at customer’s requirements and nature. So, whether a customer requires a full-fledged multi-platform app development, including all its stages from mapping to the implementation process, or if you are looking to hire cross-platform, mobile app developers, Genetech Systems will provide the most relevant fit.

    App Development Process

    High Quality Apps designed to meet your requirements

    1. Documentation

    A well-described and detailed plan based on the pre-development data can protect you from spending extra resources on solving unexpected issues such as design changing or adding the functionality that is not in the planning initially.

    2. Wireframe & Design

    A wireframe or mock-up creates from the user interface. In the design phase, your mobile app takes shape. All the UI/UX visual content such as images, photos, videos, and app flow go into a creation at this step. Following that, you can review the layout and share us your feedback.

    3. Developemnt

    After coming together with app designs, the mobile app developers get down to bring everything into action. The progress of the mobile application development process stages is shared with you by a walk-through of the developed app screens using project management tools.

    4. Testing

    We test each phase such as the complete functionality of forms or other features. We test for last-minute compatibility issues, such as viewing differences between different web browsers or mobile devices. Every single link goes through testing to make sure that there are no broken ones among them.

    5. Deployment

    We assist our customers in uploading their applications on Appstore and Play store. When we set your app to deployment, our team constantly monitors its usage through mobile analytics platforms and measure your application success. We evaluate crash reports or additional user-reported issues.

    6. Maintenance

    Product maintenance includes activities like planning and developing new app features, studying users’ feedback and analytics, and making conclusions to conduct further product development, ongoing tech support, uploading new content and serving customers.

    Cross Platform App Development Packages

    $ 1000

    Maximum Number of Screens: [8]
    Maximum Number of APIs Development and Integrations: [5]
    Development Platforms iOS/Android
    Additional Pages $ 100
    Social Media Marketing
    Technologies: React Native/Flutter Based
    Delivery Time 15
    Number of Revisions 1
    Agile Mobile App Delivery

    $ 1300
    Maximum Number of Screens: [12]
    Maximum Number of APIs Development and Integrations: [7]
    Development Platforms iOS/Android
    Additional Pages $ 100
    Technologies: React Native/Flutter Based
    Logo Design
    Web Panel Login: 1
    Source Code
    Number of Revisions 2
    Social Media Marketing
    Email Support
    Delivery Time 25
    Agile Mobile App Delivery
    $ 2500
    Maximum Number of Screens: [20]
    Maximum Number of APIs Development and Integrations: [12]
    Development Platforms iOS/Android
    Additional Pages $ 100
    Technologies: React Native/Flutter Based
    Logo Design
    Web Panel Login: 1
    Source Code
    Number of Revisions 3
    Social Media Marketing
    Email Support
    Delivery Time 40
    10 Monthly Push Notifications
    App Landing Page
    App Promotional & Non-promotional Video
    App Localization
    Agile Mobile App Delivery
    Contact us for custom packages.

    Our Cross platform app development services

    We Build Innovative, Adaptable Cross platform Apps for Start-ups & Enterprises.

    Our developer teams are well-skilled in technologies that help drive success and proficiency for app development projects. 

    Flutter app development 

    We use Flutter to deliver native apps swiftly on any platform with a single codebase. Flutter is rapidly becoming the most preferred choice for creating beautiful, cross-platform apps.

    Native app development

    You require a mobile app, especially for one platform (iOS, Android, or Windows). Our mobile app development team will build a robust application for your business.

    Hybrid app development

    Leverage full-cycle hybrid app development by taking a session with our well-versed team. We use modern technologies and advanced procedures to provide innovative hybrid app solutions.

    Web app development

    We deliver end-to-end web app development services that drive revenue, reduce cost, and transform your businesses and market performance. We also build dynamic web apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Netflix which, support masses of subscribers and maintain multiple roles.

    How Can Cross Platform App Benefit Your Business?

    Faster delivery

    When businesses make judgments and decisions on cross-platform app development, it enhances the faster release of a ready-to-market, thoroughly tested app. There is no need to manage separate teams developing, testing, and maintaining apps for each platform. Leverage the capability of front-end development to build a single codebase for all platforms and speed up delivery maintaining customer collaboration.

    Easy enhancement

    Once your application goes live, shared code pays off again as you will only require a single mobile app development team to maintain both platforms. Get this opportunity to shorten the feedback cycle and ensure the faster rollout of features and error fixes. Individual users do not need to download each update which can lead to the need to maintain and, supporting more than one version of the app. Instead, the app update is automatic for everyone so that users always have the most current version on their devices.

    Reduced costs

    Less time and energy consumed in development equals lower cost. With only a single mobile app to develop, not only does its creation move more quickly, but quality testing is also an uncomplicated matter, as are deployment and ongoing support. Having a single, extremely reusable codebase turns into direct cost savings. Plug into the cross-platform approach to lower mobile app development costs by 40% compared to native apps. Thus, allowing your business to find out the ROI more quickly.

    Industries We Serve


    As a mobile software development company, we have expertise in building secure and compliant applications in pharma and health.

    • Patient engagement apps for physicians, patients, and pharma groups
    • Apps for associated hospitals and insight-driven healthcare
    • Mobile applications for mental health, fitness and, social care


    We create efficient and s.m.a.r.t IoT applications for connected systems. With the help of the modern mobile application development software, we design and develop controls for every mobile device and wearable, assuring quality.

    • IoT apps to manage the network of s.m.ar.t things and spaces
    • Mobile augmented data visualization dashboards and reports
    • Embedded software system for IoT mobile devices and wearables


    Genetech Systems are your one-stop mobile app development services provider with years of experience in digital education and advertising. We’ve developed wide variety of apps for learners, researchers, instructors, and editors, from gamified apps to building complex applications with retail features.

    • Mobile content management and publishing platforms
    • Gamification-based interactive and interesting apps for learners and instructors
    • e-learning platform for academics.
    • Efficient chat and voice interfaces leveraged for mobile apps.


    We provide convenient and efficient banking and financial services to your customers using mobile technology. It will help you modernize operations and drive higher performance. Also, grow your reach to more viewers.

    • End-to-end mobile application design and development for fintech firms
    • Interpreting traditional finance, and banking operations to mobile
    • User-focused apps for connected banking and financial organizations


    We build efficient, on-demand e-commerce solutions to mobilize your business. Our eCommerce development services are highly reliable, proficient and of excellent quality. Entrepreneurs can boost sales, ROI by providing a digital product designed for engagement and conversion. 

    • Mobile Online store app development
    • Custom e-commerce development
    • Cart development services
    • Shipping and gateway integration
    • Payment gateway integration


    Genetech Systems provides logistics web, app development solutions either on-premises or SAAS-based platforms to customers across many industries. It allows you to deal with the complexities of every single multi-modal supply chain management and logistics network at each step of its operations.

    • Custom logistics application development
    • Logistics mobile application development
    • Logistics management software
    • Logistics tracking software
    • App support and maintenance
    Frequently Asked Question
    What is cross platform app development?

    Cross-platform app dev contrasts with native app dev, which occurs when you create an app specifically for Android, iOS, or another operating system.

    Why develop cross platform mobile apps?

    Developing cross platform mobile apps helps you to provide your app to the maximum number of users and not isolate any section of your target audience.

    Will I own the source code?

    Once you make the final payment, we will provide you the source code and, you will be the owner of that source code.

    What are the requirements for Android app development?

    XML and JAVA are the two major programming languages used in Android Application development. Expertise and mastery over these programming languages are, therefore, essentials to developing an Android app.

    What is iOS app development?

    iOS application development is the process of making mobile applications for Apple hardware. The programming language used in IOS app development are Swift or Objective-C.

    Why should I choose Genetech Systems over other app development companies near me?

    Genetech Systems has a deep understanding of advanced cross platform app frameworks and offers a complete range of development services. That includes Strategic planning, designing, app engineering, testing, support, and maintenance.

    From concept to creation

    We take pride in all of our work. We create with purpose and passion.

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