Firstly, we should start by understanding Web Development. It is about creating and maintaining websites, it is what happens behind the curtains to make a website work efficiently, and look great as well. It can be website publishing, web programming, web design, and database management. Web developers create or build a website by using several coding languages, the type of language being used solely depends on the type of task assigned. So, if they were to build an airline website, the coding language would be more than the language related to building an airline website.



Website or mobile application that you see takes a lot of hard work, one which you can see and the other which is the base of any application. So, Web development is divided into two parts; Frontend development and Backend development. Frontend Development is the part which you as a user see and directly interact with, in other words, it’s the client-side of a website. So, Frontend involves the design, layout, and interactivity of a website using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. This is where the magic happens, where you turn ideas from the drawing board into a reality. Back-end Development is mainly the website’s server, Application to run it smoothly, and contains data, without which we won’t have front-end. So, backend developers do programming to ensure the three components, such as server, database, and application run smoothly together. The developers look into what the organization needs and then code accordingly to bring out the best to meet those needs. To perform this form of coding, the developers use Python, Java, Ruby, and PHP.

In addition, there is also Full-Stack Development, where developers work as both front-end and back-end developers. This kind of expertise takes time as there is more to learn. They as a developer need to know how the web works at each stage and how they optimize the server and client-side of the website.

An increase in online businesses during covid has increased by digitalization, every other business requires online presence whether on social media and also websites. This has surged the need for web developers. Again, a website matters a lot, it’s kind of a portfolio for any owner since you can showcase the services which you are going to provide, the work which you have done before, the prices for the services, and any other information a viewer may need. So, business owners now spend time and effort to design and develop a great website for their products or services to pull the crowd to their website. By now you know that web development is a competitive industry and it is expected to increase by 13% by 2028, whereas, another industry grows by 5% only. According to the Ziprecruiter website, a web developer earns a median of $73,073 annually. The moment you all have been waiting to read all along.

Do you need a degree to pursue a career in web development?

NO, you don’t need a degree to become a web developer. Moreover, there isn’t any university degree for a career in web development. A degree in computer science is mainly the initiating point for several web developers. People now no longer see a return on investment in a four-year degree. Fun Fact; less than half of all developers have a degree in computer science or a similar field. 70% are at least self-taught web developers. One must know relevant programming languages to pursue a career. In addition, one must keep increasing their knowledge to stay ahead of changes and be updated regarding tools, current trends, and also languages.

With that being said, you need to excel in learning coding, other current trends, and tools to enter the field. If you are thinking of going to the field or want to learn to code then keep reading.

How can one learn to code?

Before we explain how you could learn to code, always remember this field demands dedication, patience, and motivation to never lose hope even if the challenges are too much.

Firstly, you’ll need to learn the language, and you can do it by doing the following;

1. Video Tutorials:

For someone who likes to learn step-by-step then we recommend them to learn using programming tutorials. They teach you from the start by downloading Interactive Development Environment (IDE; which is a software application providing full facilities to programmers to build software development.) to the very basic concept of languages. It will end with a project to test your coding skills. Some of the tutorials will offer you a certification that can help you when entering into this career. You should check out Codecademy, FreeCodeCamp, and khan Academy for tutorials.

2. Interactive Websites:

Such websites like Codecademy were mainly created to assist beginner-level programmers when they are setting up a development environment, they help by offering a test editor and compiler to start coding right away.

Recommended languages to learn for coding

1. JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most used programming languages in the world (it’s not surprising at all), Social Media apps like YouTube, Google, and Facebook (will be known as META soon) used this language while building them. This language can do server-side scripting. It is used for both Backend and Frontend web development, games, and also mobile applications.

2. Python

It is said that there is nothing python can’t do. Python is used for server-side development, mobile application, and also web. It is widely used for artificial intelligence, data science, back-end web development, machine learning, and also mobile app development.  Since the importance of data is increasing in a business-related field, there has been a significant rise in the demand for python. Apart from being able to handle data, it’s versatile too. Since there is a lot of scope and demand for this language, we recommend you “compulsory skills to learn for 2022”. It’s elementary to learn for beginners so it’s not that difficult.

3. PHP

PHP is an abbreviation of Personal Homepage or you could say Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP syntax is easy to learn and clear. Around 80% of websites use PHP. It is a server-side scripting language, it’s used to handle content, database, and even build entire e-commerce sites. It is used by many developers for web development. It’s a general-purpose language like we mentioned earlier, that can be used to make a lot of projects, like a Graphical user interface.

4. Magneto

Well, Magneto is written using the PHP programming language. It is a customizable eCommerce platform and content management system; I’m used to building the Front-end of the website to sell the product/service.

Build your own

Don’t wait for a corporate job but rather build your portfolio, build your own and it will help you in landing a great corporate job in the future. After learning the language, you must build your website, game, or mobile application. This way you‘ll be able to analyze and practice what you have learned. You’ll have experience of working with the language, as you would implement the concept learned.

Step 1: Select your area of interest; In this line of career, you need to work on what you find interesting and fun as it will keep you motivated until the job is completed.

Step 2: Choose something simple; don’t start with something hard, for which you may not be prepared for, as this might lower your motivation and you may end up giving up.

Step 3: Build what will benefit the masses; by this I mean, build something for the community that they benefit from, this will help your application to have the number of downloads and viewers, this will give you a competitive advantage since you’ll have something to showcase, which was even liked by the masses.


Make Yourself Visible

  • Make an account on Fiverr; insert some of your work and let people contact you.
  • Make your website; it needs to be the best since you’ll be your client, you’ll know what you need and make it exceptional, so people will know what you can deliver.
  • Get yourself an internship; work part-time for a firm. It will be great for your growth, since you’ll increase your network and get training, so it’s a win-win situation.
  • Offer free service; this will only help you build a stronger portfolio for yourself and help another business too. A win-Win situation.