CQA is an abbreviation form of the “Certified Quality Auditor” test app. It was mainly designed to monitor or access the performance of other apps on your device, and access the performance of your phone thoroughly. CQA test app might appear out of nowhere on your android device, well, that’s to see your phone’s performance. It will look for glitches, problems, and robustness in your phone, and also ways to detect problems in your phone.

Moreover, a lot of mobile development organizations use it as a diagnostic aid for recent or future phone models. The only reason for this is to make sure the devices which are expected to come in the future operate efficiently and are a better model than the previous one.

What is the purpose of the CQATest Android App?

This might come as a shock but CQATest App quietly runs on your android phones, which gives manufacturers access to your phone’s systems information. But, don’t get worried, they’ll just receive detailed information about your phone’s system and also on apps. And it is needed to make sure that the phone system is meeting the set Android requirement. Well, this can be found in the agreement “Terms and Services” whenever you turn on your new Android phone. In other words, CQA Test App is currently present in your phone right now hidden software that keeps an eye on your overall Android system.

Should you be afraid that your information Is leaking or causing problems?

A big NO, as I said earlier, this App just monitors the functionality of your Android phone, and whether your phone’s system is meeting the set requirements. The App doesn’t have access to personal information. However, people have complained that phones act up.

And for those of you who are facing similar problems then please keep reading. I have something for you.

Some of the problems linked to the CQATest App?

1.       Slows down the touch response.

2.      Troubles in locking/ unlocking the phone.

3.      The home button stops responding.

4.      Unable to reset the phone.

5.      And other malfunctions.

How could one fix these problems?

CQA Test App is mainly used by mobile manufacturers only to see how well the system is performing. Usually, this app is hidden, however, if it appears on your main menu then read it thoroughly. Well, the app usually tests your phone’s external features like a microphone, loudspeaker, torch. Well, let’s take the example of Motorola, this app slows down the speed and performance of your phone. And on Motorola phones may have the trouble of sim access and much more.

Now comes the part which you have been waiting to read.

How to disable CQATest App?

So, if you face any of the above issues then do perform the steps written below to remove the app from your phone.

Ways to disable it:

1.  Go to settings then click on  “Apps”  then click on the “Force Uninstall” button and Restart the device.

However, if the problem still occurs then do the following steps:

2. Reset your phone: (I know it may be the hardest thing to do but since the technology is outgrown. You can back up your data.

In Conclusion, CQA Test App monitors the functionality of the phone of your phone’s, whether it’s meeting the required standards. However, some Android phones may face a few problems but with these problems, comes the solution. And for further clarification, you can view our FAQ section.


1.    What is the CQA abbreviation?

It stands for “Certified Quality Advisor”. This certification is given by the American Society of Quality (ASQ).

2.    How can I download the updated version of the CQATest App?

Its updated version comes built-in with new phones.

3.    Is CQATest App damaging for your phone?

No. Not at all. It isn’t damaging, since it monitors the damage that can be caused in a phone, in other words, it looks after the health of your phone. And if it appears on the application gallery then there is a glitch in any function of your phone.

4.   Is it necessary to do a Factory reset to get rid of the problem?

There are several ways to remove CQA from your phone. Like we have mentioned above, you can start with disabling this app, or you can clear the app cache from your phone. If these two don’t work then, you are left with only one thing; Factory rests data. And if you are willing to do Factory Reset data then make sure to back up your phone’s data which includes your multimedia files, documents, contacts or other data then do the full reset on your smartphone.

5.    How often does it pop up?

It operates on your phone without you knowing honestly. But when there is a glitch in your phone then it will appear in your application gallery.